october 05 programmes

tuesday 4th october to monday 17th october
10.00 am to 5.30 pm 'Colour & Light at Meenakari Enamel Exhibition'

All that glitters is not gold. It may well be the deep sophisticated colour of fired enamel The enamel paintings on copper and steel by Veenu Shah and Kana Ram Lomror will be on display. A new line of exclusive enamel jewellery created by these two artists will be shown for the first time. The Enamelist society has reinvented enamel on metal in India . It organizes training programmes both for craftspeople and hobbyists . Some of the multifaceted, integrated products developed and made by skilled craftspeople during the workshops will be on display.

A permanent, weather resistance form of art will add a special flavor to the impermanent Gobar walls of The Attic.

tuesday 4th october
6.30 pm 'Demonstration, Slide Show & Talk'
by Veenu Shah

There will be a live demonstration of enameling . Veenu will give a brief talk on the art of enameling with slides of contemporary enamels including the works of many international masters.

friday 7th october
11.00 am to 3 pm '1 day workshop' by Veenu Shah

Cost : Rs 1000. ( cash or cheques payable to Amarjit Bhagwant Singh Charitable Trust ).

While learning the basics of enameling you can make and wear your jewellery. Boys Men are specially encouraged to enroll and will be taught something very special.

thursday 13th october
1.00 pm to 6.00 pm '1 day workshop'
by Kana Ram

Cost : Rs 1000.

Learn to enamel and make for yourself an original one of a kind piece.

Veenu Shah is President of the Enamelist Society . She has attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, researched and experimented in enamel techniques in the University of Tehran's Faculty of Fine Arts. Has worked with and under international masters in Japan, US and UK. She has exhibited and conducted workshops in India and around the world.

Kana Ram is a Master of Fine Arts in painting from Shanti Niketan and has participated in the international symposium of Enamel Art in Hungary. He has exhibited in India and Europe.

saturday 15th october
6.30 pm 'Poetry - The Non Language'
by Nishant Peralta

How does this new age express itself ? What are its mediums ? Can conventional methods of expression transcend the gap between man and self in this digital age? Can poetry be a language of this new media? Is it a language at all?

This evening 26 year old Nishant Peralta and his unit seek to answer these questions in an hour of non language poetry reading to a video backdrop of new age digital arts , accompanied by mesmerizing synthetic soundscapes.(of the Midival Pundits).

Nishant Peralta British School, NIIT and Amsterdam School of Audio Engineering was born and raised in the enigma that is India and still continues to live here. This enigma fascinates his mind and compels him to try to inscribe it to paper - poetry the non language. He has been published by poetry.com for the edition of their top 100 poems.

tuesday 25th october
11 am to 12.30 pm : 'Culture & Cooking' by Rano Singh

Tired of dal - roti ? Learn how to make 4 simple Burmese dishes. Hear about Myanmar the country. Burmese recipes reflect the influence of China ( noodles , soy sauce ) and India ( onion , garlic, ginger, turmeric ,chilli ) . The dishes are simple, different and tasty and do not require any special equipment.

The following dishes will be demonstrated:-
Kwe Shwe - delicious noodle soup. A meal in itself .
Rice in coconut shell
Thanhat - cucumber and sesame salad.
Sw-nwin-ma-kin semolina dessert

Rano Singh has taught cooking at the Rashmi Singh Good Food Academy in Bombay and organizes various cooking " events" including the Launch of the Braun Mixi and the Upper Crust Show at the World Trade Center entitled " Hassle Free Cookery ".

Cost : Rs 200 per person.
Please register in advance by calling Mina 23746050. Or make cheques in favour of Amarjit Bhagwant Singh Charitable Trust and mail to The Attic.
Please give name , phone number and email address.

friday 28th october
6.30 pm 'Dance & Expression'
by Rama Vaidyanathan

Bharata Natyam, like other Indian dance forms conveys a story or emotions through hand and face gestures. To appreciate dance this language needs to be understood, its gestures deciphered and its mood deeply felt . In an interactive session of talk, dance, and music Rama will tell us how a dancer speaks through her mudras.

Trained under accomplished Gurus Yamini Krishnamurthy and Saroja Vaidyanathan , Rama has been noted as one of India's top young exponents of Bharata Natyam. She has also trained in Carnatic vocal musi and is the Director of Ganesa Natyalaya where she conducts master classes. Rama has been performing regularly for the past 20 years in India and abroad. Her choreography is taking this dance form beyond barriers and she has explored diverse themes connected with peace and women's empowerment.She has been awarded the Sanskriti and Indira Gandhi Priyadarshni awards.