Cuckolded husbands, matricidal teenagers, sex offenders – just another month at The Grey Zone.

sunday 3rd june 6.30 pm
LANTANA (Australia, 2006, 2 hrs.) By Ray Lawrence

Anthony La Paglia stars as Leon, a Sydney police detective who is cheating on his wife, Sonja with a married woman from his dance class, even though he still loves his wife. As his affair heats up and a murder mystery begins to consume his attentions , he is forced to reexamine his future both as a family man and a cop. Winner of seven Australian Film Institute Awards including Best Film and Director.

sunday 10th june 6.30 pm
HEAVENLY CREATURES (New Zealand, 1994, 1 hr. 39 mins.) By Peter Jackson

Before The Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson based this film on the true story that shocked the nation. HEAVENLY CREATURES paints a vivid and disturbing portrait of teenage schoolgirls whose obsessive friendship leads to an unspeakable crime. This critically acclaimed, hypnotic ‘thriller’ chronicles the story of both girls from the moment they meet in 1950’s New Zealand. Unhappy with their lives the girls withdraw deep into a bizarre fantasy world of their joint creation.

sunday 17th june 6.30 pm
THE SON’S ROOM (Italy, 2002, 1 hr. 38 mins.) By Nana Moretti

This extraordinary drama won the Palm D’Or at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival, tells the harrowing story
of once tight-knit, happy family having to come to terms with a devastating loss and get on with their lives.


sunday 24th june 6.30 pm
LITTLE CHILDREN: (America, 2007, 2 hr. 17 mins.)

Actor- turned -director Todd Field follows up his Oscar-nominated drama, IN THE BEDROOM, with this adaptation of Tom Perrotta’s celebrated novel. When a numb-to-life housewife and mother Sarah Pierce (Kate Winslet -Academy Award Nomination Best Actress, 2007) and gorgeous househusband Brad Adamson (Patrick Wilson) meet at the local playground one afternoon a passionate affair is sparked. In a further attempt to reclaim his youthful fire Brad joins a night football league with Larry Hedges (Noah Emmerich), a former cop who has begun to harass a convicted sex offender, Ronnie J. McGorvey (Jackie Earle Haley –Academy Award Nomination Best Supporting Actor, 2007).

Also nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, this penetrating, unflinching yet humane film is regarded by some as a better film than the actual Best Film winner The Departed. Decide for yourself.