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Amarjit Bhagwant Singh Charitable Trust Vision Statement

The Trust was set up in October 2004 with the following main objectives.

1. To promote and exhibit textiles and other heirloom collections of various individuals.
2. To promote and exhibit works of art and craft.
3. To hold classes, training courses and workshops for the promotion of art, music, dance and textiles.
4. To maintain a library of books and textiles or other heirloom items for study by scholars and researchers.

The nucleus of the collection of the trust is the collection of various museum quality saris, shawls and phulkari embroideries in the personal collection of Mrs. Amarjit Bhagwant Singh.

The location of the gallery called The Attic is at No. 36 Regal Buildings. Our core collection as well as other heirloom items will be exhibited at The Attic. This space of about 1000 sq ft. will have its formal opening on 8th August 2005.

From August onwards the Trust will organize monthly activities which will include exhibitions, music and dance lectures and workshops, lectures on various textile and other themes and book launches.

In this "space for the living arts" we hope to create an intimate interaction between audience and artist, dancer and spectator, musician and "rasik" creating a cultural ferment where each appreciates the needs and art of the other leading to sessions and evenings of quality and enjoyment.