Saturday 1st September

6.30 pm “Emotions & Mankind”: Exploring emotions through Bharatanayam  

Lecture Demonstration by Janane Sethunarayanan



 The expression of Emotions is an integral part of human nature as well as of Indian classical dance.  The dancer attempts to transmitthe flavour, the essence or the ‘rasa’ of this emotion in an artistic manner through movement, music and storytelling.


The viewers perceive these intangible emotions in different ways, which could result in just an enjoyable evening or have the power to touch us at a deeper level and even change our approach towards life. We could feel elated or melancholic or have other emotions when we experience art in any form. Thus, Art steeped in emotion, is the mimesis of life!


This Lec-Dem aims to explore the “Navarasas” or the 9 basic emotions in human beings with episodes from the Ramayana through the medium of one of the most ancient classical dances of India, Bharatanatyam.



Janane Sethunarayanan is a Bharatanatyam performer and teacher. She has been practicing and performing the art for the past 18yrs under the tutelage of Guru Smt. Anitha Guha.


She also specializes in consulting for organizations in the field of performing arts.