november 2017 programmes




friday 3rd november
6 to 8 pm “The Way Of The Heart” an interactive talk/session on the practices of Sufism by Sheikh Burhanuddin  

cid:080D9AAB-1070-4D6C-8E6D-7D99D87C9D28@fritz.boxThe Sufi practices that Sheikh Burhanuddin initiates during his seminars belong both to the tradition and to  contemporary life. These methods lead the participants to recognize themselves beyond the veils of illusion and to be separated from the Whole without the over-structures of conditioning. This makes it possible to have an experience of the awakening and to be able to practice it in daily life.

Sheikh Burhanuddin leads the participants to share an authentic experience, opening their heart to the mysticism and beauty of life. During the session, he is transmitting and constantly infusing Divine Love into the hearts of the participants. This process helps them to simply ‘Be’, overcoming the limits of their personality. They start looking at their problems in a wider perspective, with less attachment. “There are no objective problems.  God has no problems! So just give them to Him!” he likes to remind them. The participants are softly pushed to enter into a wider orbit, the orbit of Love that pervades everything.  

Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann is a mystic and spiritual teacher of German origin. When he was very young the desire of his heart led him to Mawlana Sheikh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani, the current Grand Master of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order, who initiated and educated Burhanuddin into the traditional way of the dervishes.  

Sheikh Burhanuddin is a deep soul reader with an innate sensitivity and capacity of understanding in helping people with their psychological and physical problems.

For nearly thirty five years he has been travelling around the world under instruction of his master.  He leads seminars of spiritual growth and insights to which all are welcome.  

“We are coming from invisible worlds and to invisible worlds we are going back."

- Mawlana Sheikh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani



tuesday 7th november

7 pm “Guru Nanak: The Sun &  Lion” a talk by Harinder Singh


nov 2017“The mist cleared and the light scattered. The Sun rose, the stars disappeared, and the darkness dispelled. The Lion roared, the flock of deer ran away.” Bhai Gurdas Ji

 Harinder Singh will draw upon the works of Bhai Gurdas to discuss the impact that the advent of Guru Nanak Sahib had on the social, political & spiritual environment of 15th Century South Asia. The presentation will challenge the notions of Guru Nanak Sahib being a pure 'spiritualist', and explore the doctrines of Sovereignty, Dignity & Justice that sowed the                         seeds of the Sikh Revolution.

Harinder Singh is a widely respected educator and thinker who is deeply in love with 1Force, the Oneness that radiates in all. Love and Justice symbiotic paradigm propels him to leverage public awareness for social change. He currently serves as the Senior Fellow, Research & Policy, at the Sikh Research Institute.  Mr. Singh co-founded the Sikh Research Institute and the Panjab Digital Library, organized the Free Akal Takht movement, and envisioned Kaur and Singh Academy.  He served on the boards of the National Conference on Community and Justice, The Fellowship of Activists to Embrace Humanity, The Nanakshahi Trust, among others. He is an author and sought after public speaker, raising consciousness of audience around the world. He regularly appears on radio and television programs globally.  He also consults on curriculum's, exhibitions, and films.  He holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering, MS in Engineering Management, and MPhil in Guru Granth Sahib.