saturday 16th march

1-2.30 pm Food MeditationAn experiment in eating quietly

Conducted by Ananda Anaam. Food cooked by Sangeeta


Advance booking essential (Anaam 88607 30450) Rs 500/-

Participation limited to 12 persons.


HPIM8700.JPGIndian philosophy from the Upanishads (800 – 500 BC)  upto Mahatma Gandhi considers ‘Food is God’.( Annam Brahman). Food is regarded not only as a material to fill your stomach but the spirit of life itself.  Food when eaten meditatively goes through a deep transformation and becomes consciousness.

The Attic in collaboration with Anaam and Sangeeta started this series in 2009 monthly for about 3 years. This is a revival which will follow the same format as earlier.

Seasonal, vegetarian home cooked food consisting of Kidney beans (Rajma), Brown Rice pulav (Pilaf), Dry seasonal vegetable and mixed millet chapatti with ingredients from small holdings of friendly farmers from the hills of Kumaon will be served.

Participants will sit on the floor, traditional Indian style and will observe silence while eating. For those who wish to participate in a discussion they can do so after the meal.