wednesday 28th march 2018

6.30 pm - Tombak Duet by Fakhroddin Ghaffari and Kirill Osherov 



The tombak is a goblet drum associated with the music of Iran. It is considered the principal percussion instrument of Persian music.


Like the table in India it was not considered a virtuoso solo instrument until the pioneering work of several Persian musicians from the mid 1950’s.


Goblet-shaped drums are also played in different regions of Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa, but the techniques differ and the earthly sound of Tombak will make you travel to ancient Persia.


This evenings performance consists of original compositions for Tombak ensemble by Fakhroddin Ghaffari with Kirill Osherov.  



Iranian born percussionist Fakhroddin Ghaffari has mastered many Persian and Middle Eastern percussion instruments including his principal instrument, Tombak, the Egyptian Darbuka, the Kurdish Daf and the Turkish Doumbek.


He was trained by his uncle, Saeed Abbasi, from the age of seven and after he unverwent extensive training with Bahman Rajabi and also learnt from Pedram Khavarzamini and Navid Afghah. Fakhroddin has lived in India for the past 16 years performing and collaborating with the top Indian musicians. Including Abida Parveen and Hansraj Hans.


He received his Bachelor, Masters and M.Phil degrees in Hindustani Classical Music from Delhi University and is currently working on his PHD. He founded the Viuna Music Ensemble with whom he has participated in the Sufi Darbar, Ruhaniyat, Jahan-e-Khusrau, and The Sacred many more. He has also performed at the Jaipur Literature Festival and the Udaipur World Music Festival. He has spoken in national and international seminars, on Indian and Iranian music and percussion, the Raaga-Taal system and Music therapy. He has taught at the Lancers International School and translated several books on Indian music from English to Farsi. He is the founder of World Ethnic Music Ensemble (W.E.M.E.) for the discovery of world music.





Russian born artist Kirill Osherov graduated from the Moscow Art Academy. He is a scene designer and painter and started studying ethnic percussion while still in the Academy.


This took him to seminars in Crete with the great masters Pedram Khavarzamini and Zohar Fresco. Kirill Osherov is the only musician in Russia who plays classical Iranian Tombak. He also plays ethno jazz, folk, fusion, classic, pop, downtempo and triphop music.


Collaborations: Misirly Ahmet, Nadishana, Sergey Starostin, Pedram Khavarzamini, David Kuckhermann, Kabecao, Aleix Tobias.