june 2013 programmes


The Foundations of Western Civilization – an education in 24 evenings.  An Attic video presentation from The Great Courses taught by Prof. Thomas Noble, University of Notre Dame.

You can discover the essential nature, evolution, and perceptions of Western civilization from its humble beginnings in the great river valleys of Iraq and Egypt to the dawn of the modern world.



The Foundations of Western Civilization

monday 3rd june
6.30 pm

Lecture 47 Exploration and Empire

In purely material terms (population, natural resources etc) the peninsular appendage of Asia that is Europe should not have been the one among all world civilizations to span the globe. But starting in the latter decades of the 15th century, that is what happened.

Lecture 48        What Challenges Remain?

You leave the West in 1600, on the cusp of the Age of Empire, the Scientific Revolution, and the Baroque period. It’s a long way from those mud walled villages in Mesopotamia to the threshold of its modern era, but certain patterns, problems and possibilities endure to make the West what it is.



thursday 13th  june
6.30 pm 'THEIVE - a documentary film (132 minutes) introduced by Come Carpentier de Gourdon

THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what is really going on in our world by following the money trail upstream, uncovering the global consolidation of power  in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, the maker of THRIVE, Foster Gamble who belongs to an  eminent  American business family, offers real solutions empowering all people with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming their lives and future. THRIVE contains both a comprehensive diagnosis of the major problems, a message of hope and a promise of renewal.

The beautifully filmed and technically acclaimed documentary features, among other public figures Duane Elgin, Daniel Sheehan, Vandana Shiva, Deepak Chopra, John Perkins, Elizabet Sahtouris, Amy Goodman and Barbara Marx Hubbard.

Come Carpentier de Gourdon will give a short introduction to the film and answer questions after.

He is currently the Convener of the Editorial Board of the World Affairs Journal, a quarterly publication dedicated to international issues. In 1999, he co founded the Telesis Academy in Switzerland dedicated to the study of the ancient wisdom of East and West in the contemporary scientific context. He has been associated with the Nuclear Disarmament Forum and the Foundation of Global Dialog in Switzerland, the Global Commission to Finance the United Nations, the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Paris amongst many others.