saturday 13 july 2019

1-2.30 pm Food Meditation – A special event in the series to introduce the uses and benefits of pure mustard oil (sarson ka tel)

Conducted by Ananda Anaam. Food cooked by Sangeeta


Advance booking essential (Anaam 88607 30450) Rs 500/-

Participation limited to 18 persons.



aThis event has been specially organized by Anaam to make participants aware of how to extract pure mustard oil from seed at home. The menu below will be made using cold pressed mustard oil.

Mustard oil is Eastern India’s olive oil. Bengali Fish Curry Maccher Jhol, or Bihari Baingan Bharta Chokha is unthinkable without the strong flavour of pure mustard oil. The versatility of its uses is also remarkable. It is not only a cooking medium.

  • It is one of the healthiest oils because it has an optimum ratio of Omega – 3 and Omega – 6 fatty acids, is low in saturated fats and high in mono unsaturated fatty acids, making it ideal to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • It is an excellent body massage oil as it has anti fungal properties.
  • It is used as a preservative for pickles because of its microbial properties.
  • Mustard oil has oleic acid and linoleic acid which are essential fatty acids that make it a good hair tonic.
  • Mustard oil is very effective when used in homemade face packs along with cream, turmeric and gram flour, to heal dry and chapped skin.
  •  It is mixed with powdered fenugreek (methee) as a cure for dandruff.



Dal Makhani – Slow cooked black lentil, urad dal (Ma di dal) with kidney beans (rajma) normallyusing butter or desi ghee to give this dish a rich creamy taste. However in todays dal Sangeeta will use a tarka of spices using cold pressed mustard oil.

Karari Bhindi (Crispy fried okra) – Sliced okra is coated with gram flour (besan) and spices and fried in very hot mustard oil. Delicious.

Tori (Ridge Gourd) - is one of those Indian summer vegetables that one hates when young and appreciates when much older. It is a simple flavourful and cooling vegetable for the summer.

Brown Rice or millet roti


Participants will sit on the floor, traditional Indian style and will observe silence while eating.



saturday 13 july
6.30 pm  Hindustani vocal concert by Vishwas Shirgaonkar


s Vishwas Shirgaonkar is a classical Hindustani vocalist initially trained in the Gwalior and subsequently in the Jaipur Gharana Gayaki. Initially trained by Smt Pushpa Rajhans, Pt Anant Kogaje and Pt Yeshwantbuwa Joshi in the Gwalior gharana gayaki, he subsequently received extensive taalim in the Jaipur Gharana gayaki from Pt Anand Rao Limaye and Pt Ratnakar Pai.

He is currently President of the India International School, Virginia, USA, a cultural and performing arts institute and has recently been awarded a research grant by the Ministry of Culture to conduct research on the stylistic changes in Jaipur/Atrauli gharana gayaki. He has performed all over India and his discography includes “Sanesa” , “Saavare”  and “Swaanand”.