july 2013 programmes





friday 12th july

6.30 pm Moonweavers – Chaand ke Julaahe Poetry Open Mic


This poetry open mic session is based on the theme ‘Mask’. All are welcome to participate with your own poems in English, Hindi or Urdu. 2 poems per poet, unless there is time.


 Participants who intend to read should arrive 15 minutes prior to the programme and register on the spot. For any queries, write to ratii_8@yahoo.co.in


The need to read/write poetry arises when we want to unmask our selves. That does not mean we do not love our masks. We all do: the ones that we use to cover our grief, the extra calm ones that cover our anger or the ones that hide our near and dear types of insanity. So today's session will celebrate both our daily masks as well as the moments in which we unmask ourselves/others/ideas.


thursday 18th july

6.30 pm Parishranti” A Journey towards the Origin through the Divinity of Swaras and Mantras by Mrs. Shubhada Marathe 

 The programme will commence with the classical music exploring the meditative component of Indian Classical Music. 

After that Mrs. Marathe will sing the eternal Mantras of Sanatana Dharma’s ancient Shanti Mantras from the Upanishads and some Sanskrit Shlokas by Jagat Guru Adya Shankaracharya. 

‘Music yet remains the only medium to reach the power of the ultimate’- the thought holds true for the music of Mrs. Shubhada Marathe who has the power to reach the hearts of her audience. She has the voice which combines aesthetics, intelligence and a fine sensitivity. 

Born and brought up in the musical atmosphere, Shubhada’s mother, late Mrs. Mrinalini Mairal was a teacher of music. Her maternal Aunt (A singer of Jaipur Gharana) and Uncle Shri Mahar Joshi enriched her in the musical, literary and also the spiritual field. 

She came under the tutelage of Mrs. Kumudini Katdare, of Jaipur-Atrauli School, with a large repertoire of Ragas and Bandishes, from 1989 till today, Shubhada is under her training and learning the finer aspects of the style with a thoughtful and studious approach. For a particular period she had the opportunity to learn from Mrs. Manjiri Karve-Alegaonkar, Pune of the same Gharana, a disciple of the famous musicologist Pt. Waman Rao Deshpande.

One can see a very fine blending of all these influences and still Shubhada has been able to evolve a characteristic style of her own. 

Blessed with Mantra Diksha from the revered Guru P.P. Nana Maharaj Taraneker, she has a keen interest in the spiritual field; literature by saints is another field of her studies.  She has to her credit some musical programmes on Ramayan, Adya Shakaracharya, Saint Gnyaneshwara, Saint Mukta Bai, her Guru Saint Nana Maharaj, she has composed the music for these programmes as well as some dance dramas . 

Regular B-High Graded artist, she values the purity of her classical music and wants to impart the seriousness and the purity to her students. She has performed successfully in the different cities of India and has been appreciated everywhere.