thursday19th december
6.30 pm - An Evening of Poetry in ‘Doha’ by Moonweavers -
 चांद के जुलाहे




Poetry in meter and rhyme is an intrinsic part of poetic tradition of India. We also have a rich cultural and historical legacy where poetry shares a symbiotic relationship with other art forms like music. The text which is sung in classical music compositions is poetry. And this poetry which becomes unique point of synthesis between deep meaning and brevity, which gives such a distilled and compact expression to the innate, universal consciousness finds best expression in none other than the ancient poetic genre ‘doha’.

Doha is a lyrical verse format used extensively by the poets and bards of north India. It it said to have originated sometime in the beginning of the 6th century A.D. Dohas of Kabir, Tulsidas, Raskhan, Rahim have become so popular over a period of time that they are not just recited but also sung by classical music and folk artists. Even though, in these times, poets mostly write in free verse but the relevance of a poetic form like ‘Doha’ still remains intact. Though there is perhaps a need to make it relevant to the present generation so that poets are inspired to write in this genre and the form doesn’t fade into oblivion.

Today, at Moonweavers , we bring to you dohas written by Anas Khan . Anas is a well known poet in Delhi and Aligarh. He pens down Dohas in Hindustani.

Anas Khan has been writing poetry since 2004. The distinct feature of his poems is that he uses scientific principles in poetry. Anas’s hometown is Aligarh and he is a member of many prestigious poetry organisations such as the Bazm-e- Navaid-Sukhan registered in Aligarh and Navkrati Foundation registered in Udaipur. Anas is also the co-founder of the group ‘Aabshari’ that conducts poetry programmes in Delhi / NCR. He mostly writes in the genre of ‘doha’. Anas Khan has been felicitated with the ‘Qalam ka Sipahi Sammaan’ from the Rajasthan Media Action Forum in 2018. He has composed nearly 500 dohas till date and his 1st book of dohas is coming out soon.

Besides doha recital by Anas, we would also host an open mic. Depending on the time available, poets could read 1 or 2 self-composed poems in Hindi, Urdu or English. Poetry in other languages is welcome too as long as it is accompanied by some sort of a translation in Hindi or English. Although there is no restriction to the kind of poetry you can read but you are welcome to specially read dohas if you write in this genre.