monday 10th december

6.30 pm “Sitar Yatra" – A sitar recital with a discussion by K.G. Westman



Why would a person from a far away country such as Sweden give up job security and all expectations from family, friends and society, in pursuit of learning the Sitar and the Hindustani classical music? K.G. Westman has since his first contact with India in the late 90´s gradually been pulled into the world of raagas and taalas. Questions about the meaning of life and the true meaning of music merges, as one sets his mind on going into a style so synonymous with the culture of its birthplace.

Is it even possible for a European to learn and fully understand it?


K.G. Westman has spent every winter since 2005 in India, and has since 12 years been a student of Pandit Rabindra Goswamiji of Varanasi. Since he set his mind to focus on the sitar, he has done concerts in India, Sri Lanka, Europe, United States, Russia and Baltic States. He has also performed for radio and TV and made sound tracks for films. Trained in both western and Indian Music, he is also appreciated as a conductor of workshops and seminars. His first solo album Sonashish was released in 2017 (by Bihaan Music.)