friday 19th december 2014 

6.30 pm "Casablanca 0811"  a dance film –performance by Ella Fiskum, Sudesh Adhana, Trond Peter Stamsø Munch and singer Houwaida Goulli accompanied to a string quartet composed by Ali Helnwein and rock guitar legend Ronni Le Tekrø  

Casablanca 0811 is a dance film –performance. It takes the audience on a journey, and the theme is revolving around love, freedom, and virtue: A former ballerina- now a Las Vegas showgirl is encountering the man who made her dream impossible on a journey through the desert, while a niqab covered woman is dancing out her polygamous relationship with her husband- the sheikh who have invited them both. Alongside a 16 minutes road movie shoot on a trip from Casablanca to the oasis of Arfoud in the Sahara desert, a theatrical dreamscape is created on stage by Ella Fiskum, dancer Sudesh Adhana, actor Trond Peter Stamsø Munch, and Berlin based singer Houwaida Goulli, accompanied to a string quartet composed by Ali Helnwein and rock guitar legend Ronni Le Tekrø. The project is supported by Fund for Performing Artists, Oppland Fylkeskommune and Arts Council Norway.


Write up for the road movie:

A failed ballerina, now showgirl in Las Vegas is meeting her ex- boyfriend colleague, ballet dance partner, and co defector from earlier Soviet Union as a driver coincidentally is picking them up in Casablanca on the way to the oasis Arfoud, both invited by the same Moroccan sheikh. The journey is confronting them with their past and enfolding their story as they are traveling further and further into the country. A surreal juxtaposition of Swan Lake in the Desert is giving the backdrop of their broken relationship and consequence. The story of him leaving everything, giving her an alibi and a valid reason for “not reaching” her ballerina dreams is unfolding in the desert dunes. A Berber woman is sent to help when their car suddenly is abandoned. She is helping them finding the way to the Sheikh’s Riad. The theme in Casablanca 0811 revolves around love, freedom and virtue, and is engaging them both in a quest for a rediscovering of oneself.   

Artistic Director Ella Fiskum uses her technical foundation in classical ballet and heightens it, drawing inspiration from visual art, cinematic nuance, tanztheater, cirque, and even synchronized swimming. Since founding her company Ella Fiskum Danz in 2000, she has broadened her creative work into the production of large-scale multidisciplinary spectacle, garnering critical acclaim for challenging site specific spaces. Her recent major stage work includes Triptych 0811, and Casablanca 0811 – the two first parts in The Triptych Trilogy.  

Part one was honed during a two week residency which culminated in a showcase performance at the renowned Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center in New York, and later performed together live with the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. Fiskum brings together the creative expertise of artists from disparate backgrounds and creates work often referred to as theatrical dreamscapes. Ella Fiskum relocated in 2012 to a farm outside of Oslo with her husband and creative partner, Sudesh Adhana, for the purpose of starting R.E.D. Residency Eina Danz, an artist residency of which they are running together.