tuesday 25th august
6.30 pm Moonweavers – चांदके जुलाहे Poetry Ope Mic 

 Theme – Monsoon

   We are back with the poetry open mics! Going by the mood and the season, we thought to theme it Monsoon this time! Do read the description given by us and come up with poems that explore your idea of the Monsoon.

Monsoon has many connotations. Going by its archetypal repertoire in India, it is the season of beauty, of love, of longing, of pain and of bliss. On a poet’s canvas, monsoon can metamorphose into many moods, mood shifts, transient states’ of feelings. With monsoon also come associations of rain , water, outpouring, overflowing, letting go, catharsis and renewal. The act of monsoon is similar to the act of creation – they share the flux, fermentation and the fashioning of a new out of chaos. Then there is the other side to the monsoon – floods, devastation and all that is antithetical to the romanticized notions of rain and beauty and nature. So if you want to pen down a poem that turns upside down the conventional imagery of monsoon and brings out the ugly side of monsoon or all that seems beautiful on the surface, then this is the  right setting to read it aloud!

All the poems read out have to be self-composed. Each poet could read 2 short poems or one long one. Poems could be in English, Hindi or Urdu. Other languages are welcome too as long as your poems are accompanied by a translation. The registration would be on the spot. See you on 25th then!